In preparation for writing about Old Orchard Beach Pier, I found a glutton of articles written about its’ history. This included when the original pier was first built (1898). As well as information about the fire (in 1969) that destroyed the original 1500 foot pier. I also learned about the Pier’s glory days as a Casino and dance hall. It featured acts like Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Frank Sinatra to name just a few. Rather than repeating what can be found on the web, here we’re focusing on the feelings generated from seeing the Pier with one’s own eyes. 

Many tourists stroll the top of the pier picking up Old Orchard Beach souvenirs and dining with friends and family. Meanwhile, there are just as many, if not more, walking down below. Through the legs of the Pier, people enjoy sights out to sea, as well as views of the beachfront homes.

While todays’ Pier is considerably smaller than the original, now about 500 feet. The Pier’s beauty is quite like no other I’ve come across. Sprawled along the broadwalk of the Pier are shanty-like huts, turned into shops. Some extend beyond the width of the Pier. The appearance is so eye-catching it’s no surprise that this landmark has become the iconic photograph, once standard postcard image, for the town.  

From afar, the haphazard appearance of the dark brown, cylindrical, timber limbs that were installed to prop up Old Orchard Beach’s new Pier seem as if they were an after-thought. “Should we place another wood column here? And what about over here?” I can here the engineers discussing. But, being that German engineers were hired to erect the new Pier I am sure my thoughts of this engineering feat are simply far from being accurate! 

As you meander in the sand with miniature tidal waves feably attempting to dunk you in the shallow sea, you can’t help but run your fingers over the rough, crusty-looking barnacles that have taken up residence on the tall wooden stumps.  Teenagers can be seen taking silly-looking selfies with their tongues hanging out. The sun in the background, peering through creating the perfect backdrop for Instagram or Tik Tok! 

Just what the doctor ordered! A daily, therapeutic walk around the Pier and along the beautiful, flat, golden beach that extends over 7 miles. A Pier walk will bring joy, tranquility and comfort to your Old Orchard Beach, Maine vacation.  As the State slogan reads: The Way Life Should Be”.

We hope you enjoy your vacation in one of our properties at Odessa By The Sea and like many other guests hope to meet you and see you return to this heavenly, promised land, on an annual basis. Begin your journey to Old Orchard Beach, Check Availability today!